February 8th, 2010


NSW Peak Oil Response Bill 2008

The FELLOWSHIP OF THE ROUND TABLE are currently researching the topic of Peak Oil and chose the topic "Peak Oil - Is this the end of civilisation as we know it ?" As Acting Secretary for the Fellowship I am currently involved in this research and contacting potential speakers for the forum to be held either on March 10th. or March 17th. These are the two dates available for the Fellowship to utilise the Jubilee Room in Parliament House. I believe a decision regarding the date will be made either today or tomorrow. I understand the dilemma in picking one of these two dates - one of which is that March 17th is St. Patrick's Day. The other relates to Parliament House security and the costs associated with being on the premises when the front doors are closed.

Ayes, 19
Mr Ajaka
Mr Clarke
Mr Cohen
Ms Cusack
Mr Gallacher
Miss Gardiner
Mr Gay
Ms Hale
Dr Kaye
Mr Khan
Mr Lynn
Mr Mason-Cox
Reverend Moyes
Ms Parker
Mrs Pavey
Mr Pearce
Ms Rhiannon

Mr Colless
Mr Harwin

Noes, 20
Mr Brown
Mr Catanzariti
Mr Della Bosca
Ms Griffin
Mr Hatzistergos
Mr Kelly
Mr Macdonald
Reverend Nile
Mr Obeid
Mr Robertson
Ms Robertson
Mr Roozendaal
Ms Sharpe
Mr Smith
Mr Tsang
Ms Voltz
Mr West
Ms Westwood
Mr Donnelly
Mr Veitch

Source NSW Legislative Council Hansard 3rd. March 2009

So far - 2 speakers and 1 potential speaker from the Ayes - 1 unfortunately parliamentary commitments prevent the invitee from speaking at the forum on either of those dates form the "Noes"

Reference The Oil Drum March 5th. 2009

The Greens Peak Oil Response Plan Bill was voted down in the NSW Upper House on Tuesday 3rd March - by 20 votes to 19 votes.

The object of the Greens Bill was to establish a Peak Oil Taskforce, which would inquire into and report on the best strategies to mitigate the impact of peak oil on New South Wales. We also proposed a moratorium on the construction of oil-dependent infrastructure, such as motorways, for the duration of the inquiry.

The Labor party did not support the bill on the basis that the market will solve the problem of peak oil and on the basis that the Government is already sufficiently prepared for peak oil. In the debate, the Coalition were split on their approach to the bill - Trevor Khan said his party would not oppose the bill, but Rick Colless referred to peak oil as 'nebulous' and said that his party would not reveal its position. Ultimately the Coalition did support the bill however there are clearly internal tensions about the response to peak oil.

Neither of the major parties mentioned public transport as part of the response to peak oil in the parliamentary debate.

I am hoping to make contact with Transition Sydney which is part of a global movement relating to practical aspects of the Peak Oil issue.
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