February 2nd, 2010


The People's Republic of Australia !

"Hello, Prime Minister Rudd, Governor-General Bryce, and members of the Australian Parliament. We are Anonymous. Over the past several months, we have observed the actions of your government in regard to censorship of internet content in Australia.

Your ban of pornography depicting small breasted women is not only discrimination against people based on physical characteristics, but also a first step down the slippery slope of internet censorship. Your proposed implementation of mandatory ISP filtering is an outrage, and Anonymous cannot allow this to happen. If there is any forseeable threat to our organization, it is internet censorship. Therefore, we take your actions very seriously.

We shall proceed to do everything in our power to annihilate your governments presence on the internet.

You have nowhere to hide, because we are everywhere." (Anonymous)

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Bob's note: The ban on images of females with small breasts applies to _any_ content on any server and would be blacklisted as "Refused Classification" under the ALP Internet Filtering plan. I understand that the Australian government will be requesting highly popular sites such as YouTube to block content rated "RC" or images or video that would be rated "RC" if such material were rated under Australian law if the IP address indicates the viewer is based in the People's Republic of Australia.

This is getting ridiculous. Yet another person has been jailed for having cartoon images of the Simpsons on his hard drive.

In South Australia the movie industry (not the pornographic industry) have discovered to their alarm that is now illegal to display the covers of mainstream films legally rated R18+. This ruling took effect in South Australia from January 10th. 2010.

Such prohibition doesn't exist in New South Wales where we are free to view the cover of any mainstream movie we please. Even children are allowed to view R18+ film covers which are usually quite innocuous.
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