December 28th, 2004


Towards the New Year...

My contract officially ended on Friday 24th. December but in reality I turned up Tuesday and was provided with a week's pay "in lieu". This wasn't surprising and neither was it unwelcome as it was something of a "nudge nudge wink wink" contract with me not really having to do anything but take a few minutes to press some buttons every Tuesday (which took about .0000005 amp in brainpower).

This means I'm unemployed and seeking work with study for Semester 2 starting mid February. I received formal notification of my pass in Portfolio Management on Friday as well.

The events and aftermath of December 16th. need some consideration.

I welcome acelightning back to (dial up). I had the Telstra people out as I couldn't get a dial tone on the line. Optus informed me that if the problem wasn't with Telstra then I would be charged for the visit. I finally traced the problem to an internal modem sometimes used for faxing. This means I can expect a bill for the technician's time.

I have read my yearly horoscope. It mentions study and/or travel. Ho Hum....
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