December 11th, 2004



Results for "Security Analysis and Portfolio Management" - "Pass". No distinction or credit on that one but a pass means that I've successfully completed the Academic year. Given the time constraints for the award of Master's Degree I can't afford to fail a subject.

I estimated a "pass" after sitting the exam. I fubbed out on some quite simple maths (simultaneous equation) and entered the wrong data for a discounting cash flows to value a share. I probably made up for that in calculating "the market price of risk" correctly and also the "beta" associated with various shares in the portfolio.

The UNE computer records that I'm now officially enrolled in one subject in Semester 1 2005 ("Financial Statement Analysis") and one subject Semester 2 2005 ("Small Business Finance"). Each unit carries 6 points and I now need 12 points for the award of a Master's Degree so it's pretty much a "pass everything or miss out" as the degree has to be completed by February 2006.

Concerns about how I find the time to study these can only be answered after January 1st. and are dependent on my work/life situation.

My ADSL connection with the Internet went "down" last night. TPG Internet advised me that it was a "line fault" at Telstra and to leave the modem/router on overnight, which I did. It's now back "up and running".

I note bro' in Cornwall is sending a shrink wrapped photograph which might fall apart or something.. Nothing seen yet. Card on the way to Cornwall.
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