October 27th, 2004



I received PAY in my bank account yesterday evening, so I paid off the largest credit card bill.

I am "coming to grips" as best I can with the maths orientated Investments examination in November.

I've also set the wheels in motion for a change in ADSL plan. This should increase the speed form 256kbps to 1500kbps but throttle the speed back to 64kbs after 20 gigabytes of downloads per month. I will lose a static IP address (not a bad idea) and have to log on with a user id and password as this technology uses a different protocol. It's also $20 a month cheaper, so as far as I can tell there is nothing much to lose except some disruption when Telstra pull the switch on the current feed. At this point I will have to reconfigure the modem. Most of the Netgear modem is "auto detect" anyway and the model is listed on the tpg site so I shouldn't have any problems (famous last words).
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