October 23rd, 2004


Values (Work Related)

This was snapped with my Vodafone camera and emailed to myself yesterday. It's the door to the company I am currently temping/contracting for .....

The images from cameras in cellular phones aren't that great (but they are working on it) together with FM radio in stereo, video on demand, surfing the Internet (doesn't really work), picture messaging and the like.

Such images are fuzzy - poor resolution etc and drain the battery of power. Anyway:

Our Values

Genuine Care
"We before "Me"

It's quite unusual to find a company that lists "fun" as part of it's values. Looking back to my LJ last year this is the mob who took the entire day off to do beach volleyball. The company I worked for in 1998 and just across the road most certainly didn't regard "FUN" as as value. They regarded it as a vice.

Here's a list of my LJ entries for September last year. Refer to link marked "Sport Day"

Bob's Live Journal September 2003

This format enables me or anyone else to scroll through entries month by month. I find it quite interesting keeping a diary of my activities/lack of activities etc. What did the year to come "hold" ?

On a positive note I started a degree (and passed one unit), but sadly mum died, and I've spent time in "Intensive Assistance" (welfare related). Looking at "Horoscope 2004" in the entries reminds me that I was concerned at that time about "restrictions" although the outlook career wise looked good. Hmmmm... Adds up in a way, not that I believe in horoscopes (Bro' Alan's are ok though) :-)

For my LJ friends who are not having fun I wish thee as much of the stuff as the heavens can bestow.
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