October 12th, 2004


(no subject)

What is this world of messaging
in which people type on keys,
uploading thoughts to strangers
via keyboards on their knees.

Perhaps it's like the comic strip
of that man perched on a rock
relaying thoughts across the sea;
replies taking weeks to dock.

Each keyboard views the world
through a different pair of eyes;
many different times and places,
many feet a different size.

Some viewpoints may be tricky
many failing to understand
that one person plays an oboe
others trumpet in a band.

Now each trumpet tells a story
with a different tone and pitch
different sounds to oboes
each voice a different niche.

Bob Bain (Paragon Bulletin Board)
Sunday, 26 December 1993, 8:12:28 AM

I think I'll have a lazy day. There's a "tidy up" interview with an agency tomorrow.

(no subject)

A dime a time
a waterline
the end of all we see
The figure eight
seen looping straight
in all it's majesty

when seas are gone
and money lost
when people search for light

when stars begin to lose their glow
when theres no place for us to go
space and time lose ordinates
in this state of not so straight
(neither bent nor upright)
things will end
but I will send
a cent or two in memory

Bob Bain - 12th. October 2004

(an instant scribble with little meaning)