October 8th, 2004


Installed XP Service Pack 2

Ho hum. I cannot use WS-FTP but everything else seems ok. I can use WS_FTP if I set the Internet Firewall "OFF" while using the FTP upload (not used that often).

Other things appear "ok". ICQ is "partially blocked" (whatever that means). I have the option to unblock it.

If the machine is less vulnerable I can live with it for the time being.

Semagic (Agent for LiveJournal) appears to work.
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Federal Election (Australia)

The Federal Election is to be held tomorrow. (Howard vs Latham). The ninemsn site is suggesting that the newspapers are predicting a coalition (conservative) win. The on-line poll I just partipated in at about 5 minutes past 3pm on the eve of the election asks the question :-

Will the coalition government be returned to power in tomorrow's federal election?

The response....

YES -> 17,140
NO -> 35,106

"The only poll that counts is on election day"

It's also the day I partake of a beer in Werrington pub before contemplating the hike to the election booth. I also usually have a beer on the way back as well :-)
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