October 3rd, 2004


Sunday - Assignment 2 "done"

I closed collecting data for the equity analysis required for Assignment 2 on Friday evening.

I've printed various graphs (many), tabulated dividends and P/E ratios, commented on market and industry conditions and the factors affecting each equity - NAB National Australia Bank, FXJ John Fairfax Holdings and WPL Woodside Petroleum Limited using the charts and data from various places.

I believe I'm roughly "in-line" with the required word count but have supplemented those words with graphs.

This should be in the mail to the University tomorrow morning. The official mailing date is 11th. October but whatever mess or otherwise I've made it's "done" and I am now free to study the remaining chapters and (horror) address the maths and other issues which could prove troublesome for the examination on November 22nd.

I've taken a few Valium. This doesn't help with the Assignment but it sure as hell keeps my temper from rising (sigh)
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