September 28th, 2004


Toutatis - visible from Sydney Observatory

Sydney Observatory (bookings essential) link...

See Asteroid 4179, Toutatis
29 September, 7pm - 9pm
Faster than a speeding bullet, this 4.6km x 2.4km asteroid will come closer to Earth than any other large space rock this century! So close in fact that it may be possible to see it move through our telescopes. Dr Nick Lomb, curator of astronomy, will also give a fascinating short talk on these wandering cosmic bullets. An opportunity not to miss. Cost: $15 adult, $10 child/conc, $40 family. Bookings are essential.

Asteroid Toutatis is to pass a mere 963,000 miles from Earth.
If the calculations are incorrect then it's goodbye us all.

It's impact has the power to destroy all life on Earth but there is said to be "no danger" of this for at least six centuries.

I guess it's too late to make a booking. It won't be visible with the naked eye ( I trust ).
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