September 15th, 2004


Tuesday evening..

I started the day with a glance at the Integral Energy elecicity usage calculator, noting that fan heaters and hot water can be expensive. Fortunately the "cold weather" we have in Sydney is coming to an end as it's "toward the end of winter" ( I believe).

There was a call from another agency about a job at Qantas (Mascot - miles away). I know from experience that they have never been interested in interviewing me. The interview yesterday was with American Express on the 28th. floor just opposite Hyde Park. I won't hear anything more about that role UNLESS the young lady concerned finds herself in a muddle and actually needs expertise rather than looking for an "Adonis with a Calculator" :-)

I found an interesting piece of software on the Internet and downloaded it and paid a registration fee. It can convert DVD's between NTSC and PAL (for instance). Hardware devices that do this cost well over $1,000. It does more than this however. I'm a sucker for technology.

I made a phone call to the Office of Film and Literature Classification regarding films they are supposed to be "investigating" but have (much to my surprise) deemed unimportant and to be returned to me. This is now very political and I leave it to my pseudonymous Livejournal.

I have rented "The Passion of the Christ" - $1.95 overnight from Werrington pub, have made a time-shifted viewing copy and may watch it before going to bed, in which case of course the time shifted copy will be erased.

I'm still on schedule with study. I must ensure I read the appropriate chapters tomorrow, which means I probably won't be on-line until evening.
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