September 13th, 2004


Cables and Wireless Internet

I have found amongst my tangled cable collection (accumulated over 20 years) a solitary cable which appears to be and is functionally the same as the cable I mentioned as "lost" in a previous posting.

I typed instant messages to Brother Alan about "wireless internet" and he noted that in his opinion it wasn't efficient.

As Harvey Norman (retailer) have piles of wireless modems for use with I tentatively purchased one yesterday noting that it has a 31 day "no work - you can return policy". The purchase was to determine the signal strength. Although I get a "good" steady red signal, which is wireless ISP talk for the worst of "superb" "excellent" and "good" the set up disk wouldn't recognise the modem.

I rang this morning and the guy asked me to plug it in. I told him the signal was "steady red" which is "good". He said at their end the modem number I quoted to him over the phone had an appalling signal and that I'm probably out of range (despite the map on the net which says I am in range).

Sometime later today it goes back for a refund. In principle wireless internet sounds good as I'd be able to cut both ADSL costs and the costs of line rental (Telstra/Optus) necessary to run ADSL where I make next to zero telephone calls. If agencies ring me regarding work they always do so on a cellular/mobile phone and there is a public phone booth just a few minutes walk away.

Not to be. Wireless internet no worky in Werrington at the present time. ADSL is still within my budget but expensive for the periodic use I make of it. Internet access is essential for nearly everthing thiese days including distance education at the University of New England.

I'll have brekkie (baked beans, poached eggs and bread) and head back to Harvey Norman in Penrith.

After that it's Chapters 12 and 13. Study continues. I feel better knowing my ticker is still functional. Cables are still regarded as a nightmare (sigh).
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Monday evening...

My wireless modem was returned and I obtained a refund.

It was possibly just as well as I received a shock when I opened my electricity bill.

It's twice the normal amount (double the power used) - no doubt due to huddling over a fan heater while studying.

I have an interview in the City tomorrow afternoon. (As per usual the agency rang me by cellular phone).

I have details of the exam format required for November 22nd. There will be separate questions for Master's Degree students to those for Bachelor Degree students. If a contract eventuates (estimated 4 to 6 weeks) I'll need to study and complete Assignment 2 of an evening and over weekends.
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