September 9th, 2004


Chapter 11 and Ultrasound

Despite resolute promises to myself I am a few days behind in reading Chapter 11 ("Market Efficiency") but I am still within the time frame for study in this subject. The second assignment is due on October 11th and the exam is on November 22nd at 1.45 pm.

I had a phone call from an agency. I have listed it and will update my resume with them tomorrow.

I attended the cardiologist for ultrasound. As on previous occasions the receptionist acknowledged I had an appointment with the cardiologist but denied I had an appointment for ultrasound. This suggestion was followed by sounds of anger and a certain amount of arm waving by myself as this is the prime purpose of my routine visits. It became rather silly when the receptionist opened a referral from the local doctor (a formality required by the government) and pointed to the words noting that "there is nothing written here about ultrasound".

After further arm waving and suggestions that there were numerous public outlets that do ultrasound I suggested that perhaps a change in venue and arrangements might be in order after which said cardiologist intervened muttering "we know why you are here"

Ultrasound was arranged (sigh). The result is "no change from last time. Have a nice day and I'll see you in six months and have a few words with my receptionists on dealing with patents"

,,,,who can in some cases become very impatient.

I have been re cabling my "home entertainment system". I am sure there is a law regarding the chaos of tangled cables but I'm still speculating on how to reverse the process.
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