September 1st, 2004


Memorabilia Ryde Isle of Wight England 1964

Memorabilia Sandra Blake - friend, fellow jazz buff (1961-1964). Nurse at "The Cottage Hospital" Romford Essex England 1961 where I was admitted for investigations into an irregular heart beat.

Bob & Sandra Ryde Isle of Wight UK circa 1964

The following poem was written a shortly after a visit to the United Kingdom in 1993/1994 and refers to the future as it was to be, and partly predicted in a "Horoscope by Madam Francesca" 6d. (see photograph). The reference is to a cup of tea purchased a year or two earlier near Southend Essex for 6d (sixpence). Small things are often remembered. Sandra went to Spain (on hols). I eventually migrated to Canada and thence to Australia (and New Zealand).

We walked along a road by day
not knowing where we were,
sixpence for a cup of tea
a thirsty him, a tired her.

A day along the road of sea,
each footstep marked advance
paths of blithe discovery
but not the South of France.

In the distance loomed a pier
it led to distant seas
but Blighty was the land we trod
as British was the breeze.

In nearby times, yet to come
you'll even fly to Spain
perhaps to see a bullfight
and wallow in champagne.

But in this simple cafe
we sip on British tea
A humble life, a simple pair
sixpennyworth of pedigree.

Bob Bain Sunday, 30 January 1994, 10:13:04 PM

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