August 30th, 2004


Australian Election October 9th. 2004

Campaigning has begun for the Australian Federal Election to be held on October 9th.

Principal players (and potential Prime Ministers)

Mark Latham

Australian Labor Party Mark Latham has done an "about turn" on some issues and has agitated some with a commitment or at least consideration to filter the Internet

John Howard

Australian Liberal Party. John Howard. Fit and well and seemingly open and honest in his approach or at least able to smile when he confuses fact with fiction.

Peter Costello

Australian Liberal Party. Peter Costello.

Interestingly noted as being more liberal than John Howard. Christian upbringing but early contact in his student days as a member of the student wing of the Australian Labor Party (!). Very conservative when it comes to financial policy but has expressed views on "tolerance".

"Despite his very conservative financial policies, Costello remained notably more liberal than Howard on some other issues. Most notably, he supported the 1999 referendum to make Australia a republic. After the 2001 election Howard gave Tony Abbott the key Workplace Relations portfolio, and in 2003 promoted him to the even more important Health portfolio. This led to suspicions that Howard had decided to stay on as Prime Minister so that he could groom Abbott - a Catholic who was much more conservative than Costello on social issues - as his successor."

Entries from Wikipedia.

As far as I can tell Peter Costello is mooted as the more likely successor to John Howard than Tony Abbott.

Oh... and Tony Abbott


"After graduating, Abbott became a journalist with The Bulletin, an influential news magazine with strongly conservative politics. He became well known for his strongly worded attacks on the trade unions, feminism and other targets on the left."
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