August 16th, 2004


Images from the Past Taj Mahal India 1972

Bob at the Taj-Mahal

This is from 1972 just prior to the Munich Olympic Games. This is a "typical" UK-Australia camping trip that took place in that era and prior to the "oil crisis" and prior to the fall of the Shah of Iran.

I am bearded - back row - fifth from the left - sixth from the right with a bit of a "gut belly" which I still have. The beard has long since gone and I am just a tad older.

Shortly after this Israeli athletes were massacred at the Munich Olympic Games. I remember this as the trip passed through Germany and Munich. After Germany it was down through Yugoslavia, Greece (Athens), Turkey (Istanbul) and the wilder parts to the east, through Afghanistan (wild except for Kabul which was a pleasant city), Iran (prior to the overthrow of the Shah of Iran and the formal declaration of Iran as an Islamic Republic) Pakistan (hmmm), India (Delhi - etc) and upwards to Nepal where some of this group delighted in the open sale of hashish and marijuana (an open trade that is now I believe discontinued).
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