August 11th, 2004


Wednesday Morning

I'm "up to my ears" in study.

It's cold (i.e. quite mild by European / North American standards)

I've been experimenting with cooking frozen pizza in my oven. I haven't used this oven since I've lived in this town house unit (1997). This proves the oven works. It doesn't mean that "Bob's Home Cooked Frozen Pizza" is much to write home about.

Yesterday the light bulb/globe went "poof" and I had to stand on a stool, wobble about and replace it.

Sometimes I'm up and studying at 3 am. Sometimes I take a kip at 2 pm. Sometimes I turn on the TV and sometimes I don't. Sometimes I stay at home. Other times I waddle around purchasing books/magazines/software related to investments.

I plan to have a nice day :-)
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