August 2nd, 2004


Odd sales from Ebay

As I am studying trading in various things (normally shares, bonds and derivatives) I thought I'd post a link to:-

Odd things being bought and sold on Ebay

It currently points to

"The nails from a serial killer" (autographed by the serial killer) - Auction closed at $9.99

"Young Man's Virginity" - being offered for $10 million but with seventeen bids the best offer being made so far is $10. Item currently open.

(This will remain open for a further 9 days 22 hours +)

It's also possible to make bids on "a sense of humour", "The meaning of life" and indeed the Internet being offered for $1 million but with no bids so far.

Back to the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) and Portfolio theory.

I don't believe anyone has legal rights to sell the entire Internet, although they may be "selling short"
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