July 7th, 2004



I did 6.5 hours of paid work today. This is formally a week's contract which might extend to two weeks.

The temporary job market appears to be picking up. While I was introducing myself to the client another person from the same agency rang me with a suggestion of a job in Pennant Hills. An agency yesterday noted that "we have use for people with your skills" although they didn't seem to notice that six months ago.

They've even sent me a "upgrade your skills" pack complete with a logon for a "Teach Yourself ESSBASE" (and anything else I may wish to study on-line via the Internet).

My ISO ("Intensive Support Officer") at the jobnetwork member place hadn't seen the "job found advice" left on her desk on Monday by Faye (co-ordinator and overseer of the chain gang). I rang this morning to make sure she knows that I couldn't keep a "Participation Agreement" interview. Faye said "work comes first - always".

An ISO is known informally as a UFO - "Unidentified Fleeting Object". UFO's are rumoured to work in the premises but are seldom seen.

I now have a problem as I'm on a three month form with Centrelink. This means they will pay me automatically on Monday even though they probably shouldn't. I asked Faye about that. She said "don't worry about it - worry about it with you have to lodge the form". Hmmm....

Earnings reduce the amount they should be paying. I believe I have to ring Centrelink to advise them that I have earnings this fortnight.

I am now reading the Financial pages of the newspapers as my coming studies involve equities and stocks.

Good vibes to Loki.
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