July 5th, 2004



I did some shopping and a bit of photocopying in St. Marys today.

The University material for Semester 2 arrived. I've had a glance though it. The topic is "Security Analysis and Portfolio Management". I've ordered the textbook from the Co-op bookshop. The gradings are 15% for Assignment 1 due on 6th September, 25% for Assignment 2 due on 11th. October and 60% for the November examination. Students are advised to keep up to date with the Security market by regularly reading the Australian Financial Review (and other publications). The course seemingly covers both "Fundamental" and "Technical" Analysis where "Fundamental" refers to cold hard statistical analysis based on worth and "Technical" refers to the graphs and charts produced by those who simply monitor the security value and watch for trends.

Assignment 2 must be answered with approximately 800 words devoted to Fundamental Analysis, 500 words devoted to Technical Analysis, 450 words devoted to the Strengths and Weaknesses of each analysis and 250 words for a conclusion.

Equities for analysis have to be chosen from Banks GICS Code 4010, Media GICS Code 2540 and Diversified Metals and Mining GICS Code 15104020 or Oil & Gas GICS Code 101020.

The agency rang through with regards to the reference check from my last (notable) assignment noted that "it was all positive" and I believe therefore I am starting Wednesday for 1 to 2 weeks at a well known international magazine company on the other side of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

I have advised my job network member. I have arranged to pick up some paper work with regards to the contract in the city tomorrow.
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