July 1st, 2004


LEPOs and Rulers

Our jolly job network member gave us all a free gift today. It was full of plastic goodies such as a cheap alarm LCD clock, some pens, pencils, markers and a diary.

I have no doubt this is some form of incentive to job seekers.

I had a formal interview with Centrelink who have dropped my job search quota to one contact per fortnight.

While I was contemplating the fact the others in the "kindy class" had a ruler and I didn't ( I was about to complain ) an agency rang about a job interview. I had a haircut and did the job interview. It's a 50/50 thing with one of two people to be selected by Monday morning.

I filched some of their books on LEPOs while I was there. LEPOs are included in my next Masters Degree topic...


Low Exercise Price Options (I'll no doubt find out in due course).

The agency rang me about 5.30 but it was only received as voice mail. This may be to ask me how I went or it might be a job offer. If it is (a job offer) then there's nothing I can do until tomorrow.
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