June 30th, 2004


Hypnagogic Visual

This morning I watched quite explicit and prolonged hypnagogic imagery in the form of moving pictures of near photographic quality.


Although early morning waking states of such imagery were quite common to me prior to 1994 ( I have a book on the subject) this was only the second that was of photographic quality.

As I may have related elsewhere I had one incidence of this in Hobart Tasmania (1993) where the image was static (non moving) black and white and of a wooden desk, a crowbar and a lighted candle. That wasn't a moving image. It was "presented" in a 16:9 format with clear edges as though it was from a film projector. I tried to "hold" the image but it lasted say 30 seconds and my brain didn't have the power to "hold it" and examine it.

This morning the image ("movie") was something I watched while awake with my eyes closed. I use the word "watched" rather than "dreamt" for this isn't dreaming. It's a conscious observation of something being displayed by the brain while in a state just before the eyes are opened.

The image was in colour - green for lawn with people moving from right to left as though exiting the venue. There were white paths and what could have possibly been a white house towards the top of the image. I attempted to focus on what I believed was "the house" (clearly a focal point for the venue) but it wasn't possible to make it clearer. The people were visualised in white. I didn't have to "hold" the image. It was something I could watch and examine (while awake but with the eyes closed ) for well over four minutes. The "people" were assumed to have been female or to have included females dressed in white attire from the 19th century. That's an assumption for although the image was of near photographic quality it wasn't clear enough to make out detail.

The crowds grew noticeably thinner as the imagery unfolded (as would be the case if people were exiting a venue.)

Eventually the image faded to a monochrome image which may or may not have been of the same place and then disappeared.

I have no explanation for such imagery. It is reputedly fairly common. I don't ascribe anything mystic to it other than it appears to be a product of the workings of the mind and the brain but that life and the mind are themselves largely unexplored.

I know I have a book on the subject somewhere written by a Phd and a trained psychologist. It isn't worth seeking out as I assimilated much of what was said in the book over several readings many years ago.
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