June 26th, 2004


2001 A Space Odyssey

I recorded this movie (to DVD) from SBS about two weeks ago and watched it yesterday for the first time in several years. It was produced in 1968. According to the film the HAL supercomputer was built on 12th. January 1992, and the cost of a video phone call from a space station direct to Earth was just $1.70 for about 3 minutes using the Bell Telephone Company (in 2001).

Artificial intelligence has come nowhere reaching the level of sentience that HAL exhibited in this film. This is possibly due to the fact that computer logic is electro-digital while the human brain is analogue and electro-chemical.

It was interesting watching the movie. I didn't fully understand or appreciate it at the cinema all those years ago.

HAL is a very trustworthy computer. When asked what has gone wrong with his circuits HAL responds truthfully "Human Error." Humans built HAL. Humans stuffed up the design.

I hope "God" is listening.

He blames us for evil although there is no true definition of evil apart perhaps from "of detriment to the species."

This is the first movie I've recorded in digital wide-screen direct to DVD. SBS is the only station which transmits a reliable enough digital signal to this corner of the globe.
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