June 22nd, 2004


First semester exam..

I have sat and hopefully passed the exam in "Management Accounting".

I met a fellow student (female) who described my postings to the University BBS as brilliant.

It seems she is aiming for a Phd in something or the other. She bought me a coffee prior to the exam and afterwards we exchanged notes. She has taken my email address and may send me job openings from the major communications company she works for.

She showed me the marks for her assignments which seemed "ok" to me but she said she was disappointed and that if she received anything less than a High Distinction she would have to sit the exam again. I told her I was just aiming for a pass but to her way of thinking anything short of perfection isn't making the grade.

When faced with understanding sections of the US published text book she did what I wouldn't even consider doing. She noted the University where the author teaches (in the United States) and asked him to clarify what he meant. Surprisingly to me (given that the book is printed for use around the world) she related how he spent 20 minutes on the phone explaining it to her.

The results will be available on-line and by mail on July 21st.

Tomorrow it's negotiating a new work agreement with my job network member.

Second Semester starts on July 22nd.

Welcome back Ace :-)
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