June 5th, 2004


Nero and stuff....

I know I shouldn't purchase things... (being unemployed) BUT I purchased a new DVD writer that does (or can do if the disks become available) Dual Layer DVD's (DVD+R DL). The drive requires Nero 6 and I have (had) Nero 5. Although this Sony drive comes with a copy of Nero 6 it will only write to the Sony drives so I spent this afternoon in Parramatta seeking a more compatible OEM version of Nero (which I now have). This is an OEM (no specific drive) version.

If moving from Nero 5 (something) to Nero 6 (something) be warned that it probably isn't a simple matter (or may not be a simple matter). Things can get confused. However there is hidden on the Nero Website a nice utility (amongst others) that will completely (allegedly) wipe Nero from the system, so that one can do an "clean install".

... and yes it works - but it takes hours and hours to discover that such a thing is needed and where to find it (sigh).

The course administrator notes that marks for Assignment 2 vary between 6 out of 15 to 14.4 out of 15 with an average of 10. He told how some students hadn't touched on "lapsing budgets" in problem 2 or on "insulating costs" in problem 3. I checked and I'm not one of the offenders.

One day they'll actually be dual layer blank DVD disks on the market. These will hold the same amount of data found in a commercial DVD release. At the moment home DVD's only hold 4.7 MB whereas commercial ones hold twice that due to using a dual layer.

I got a knock back from the job I went for an interview for last Friday. A couple of agencies have uttered friendly words so all is not lost...
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