June 1st, 2004


June 1st.

No offers on the job front.

I have got stuck into the two remaining chapters of my studies yesterday and continued today.

I noted there was a really easy question I could have submitted as an answer for my final University Bulletin Board contribution, but sad to report someone has already answered it and there's almost nothing one can add to it so I will have to respond to a harder question.

I have spent today struggling with "Standard Cost Overhead Variances" (under a Flexible Budgeting System) which is something that sends shivers down my spine whenever I come face to face with this topic - not only because text books make a relatively simple concept more complex than it needs to be, but confound the issue further by using confusing acronyms.

I have taken about 5 pages of text and reduced their complex variances into three simple lines with just a few numbers and renamed the variances to something that makes more sense (to me) (sigh).

This is so that if I come fact to face with this in the exam I have a simple template in my head, rather than 5 pages of gumph which approaches Einstein's Theory of Relativity for needless complexity.

The course administrator has provided examples of the final set of questions (for the Masters paper) which come from the supplied "Resource Material" which is provided to Master Degree students only. I am taking it that at least one of these will be on the final exam paper. He has pretty much indicated this is the case (without actually saying "if you study up on this you'll be 'right").

I need to apply for a couple of jobs to satisfy Centrelink and I have a formal Centrelink "review" on June 10th. and an exam on June 22nd. Tomorrow I hope to finalise the Bulletin Board Assignment which will leave me only with some in-depth reading, revision and an exam.

I have prepared a budget for "worse case scenario" and note that while not rolling in money if I keep to the budget I am "ok" for the time being.

If I'm still unemployed in August I'll get another concession card which assists with council rates and utility bills.
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