May 28th, 2004



I had a job interview early yesterday morning. This was/is a full-time permanent role. They told how they hadn't been able to "find anyone" (obviously not considering my application in April to be "someone") so asked if I was still available.

I confirmed that I was and that I would be only too happy to attend an interview.

I take interviews with a grain of salt. They looked at me. I looked at them and we shook hands. Nothing more has been heard, although there was a message on my cellular/voicemail in the afternoon which I couldn't retrieve as Vodafone voicemail was down. It turned out to be from an agency asking if I would be interested in a position in Liverpool explaining who the employers were/are. I explained that I had already had an interview with them that very morning.

There are now just under 4 weeks to the Management Accounting exam. I have two chapters to read (and absorb) and one bulletin board contribution to make. I have just logged off the BBS where some hints regarding questions and the "depth" required were given.

The "lecturer"/course administrator has suffered a mishap and while still conducting the course is doing it from home via a laptop.

Some have offered condolences. I thought of sending an apple but believe this sort of bribery isn't "kosher" in the 21st. century.

I bought an environment friendly shopping bag at "Franklins" (not the Franklins I temped for) as there are moves to dispense with plastic bags.
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