May 19th, 2004



Hints of work have abated, so I'll be spending three hours with my job network member again tomorrow. I have listed lots of job leads which have led nowhere.

I received Assignment 1 back from the University of New England. It was marked 13.3 out of 15 which means I've dropped 1.7 possible marks. The two assignments make up 30% of the final result, 20% comes from Bulletin Board contributions and the remainder from the exam. I have to pass the exam (i.e. get 50% to pass the subject).

Anyway Assignment 1 resulted in 88.66%. If I managed to keep that up in Assignment 2 in Bulletin Board contributions and in the dreaded exam this would place it in the "High Distinction" range. Unfortunately I can't envisage me being cool calm and collected when it comes to the exam (sigh).
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