May 17th, 2004



Money from mum's will reached the bank today. The exchange rate was approximately just over 40 pence to the dollar. I have used it to pay the balance of all credit cards so am now debt free (and unemployed).

I have heard nothing about an interview I had in Epping on Friday. Just after that interview an agency rang about a job in North Ryde but I had to tell them I have no J.D Edwards (Accounting System) experience so I was told my resume would be held on file. I have heard nothing from the bank whom I had an interview with the previous Friday, and the "they want you to start but don't know when" agency (Parramatta branch of the agency mentioned below) hasn't been heard from either, although it was stressed that the company concerned were stressed themselves and nothing would happen until this week.

I have had some contact with the agency (city branch) I temped for in February regarding a "one day on the job interview" possibility with a possible start on Wednesday (dealing with Microsoft Access) but won't hear anything more until tomorrow. If they are interested this could extend into a three week contract designing an Access database.

My second (and final) assignment has been received by the University of New England.
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