May 11th, 2004



Yesterday I panicked as the three computers that comprise my "Werrington" network were attacked by Trojans and Viruses. I believe the problems are fixed and I've left the computer off most of today so that if anyone is targeting this machine they'll get tired and go away. A week ago this machine (that connects to the Internet) had all registry and admin functions disabled and I had to perform a "roll back" to a previous date.

I posted contribution 4 to the University of New England Bulletin Board. This leaves just one posting to make and the non examination stuff will be complete.

I have purchased some easy to read books on Statistics as I am a bit rusty and need to revise what I do know and make sure that I'm more informed on things I'm not familiar with such as Hypothesis Testing.

Kenneth has emailed the final figure from mum's estate GBP 1,429.57 of which I anticipate a share.

The person from an agency who has told me that a company in North Ryde wish me to start (but not right now as they are "sorting themselves out") asked how the bank interview went. I told her that they aren't making instant decisions. Another agency has told me (repeatedly) that a company in Epping are interested in interviewing me but a suggested time and date for this Thursday at 3.30 pm hasn't been confirmed.