May 9th, 2004


Anne-Michèle Lévesque

This lady has been posting the Archer mailing list (Yahoo) for so long that I believe she deserves a link.

Anne-Michèle Lévesque

Renowned French Canadian Authoress (prizes, fame and fortune etc....)

(The Yahoo Archer mailing list is an offshoot of Sandra Shaw's "Archer" Bulletin Board System designed to circumvent the "nasty people on Fidonet LTUAE" where "LTUAE" has some meaning long lost in history and Sandra has disappeared into obscurity.)

--- addendum ---

Yesterday I got trapped in on a fire stair at the Westfield Shopping Centre in Parramatta when the alarms told everyone in the shopping centre to "evacuate or perish" noting that I could well have perished on the fire stair as the arrows all pointed in the wrong direction. This led to panic and despite the warnings "don't panic" people got a bit hot under the collar. Fortunately it was a "false alarm" which means that terrorists haven't made it to Sydney (yet).

.. and I thank Theo (of LTUAE, Archer and Fidonet and various other places) for the phone call even though I was asleep at the time.
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