May 6th, 2004



I posted three sections relating to the Sydney Rail System and the Sasser worm forwarded by acelightning to the Australian Computer Society ELSIC mailing list with a brief introduction.

"This might be of interest especially the sections relating to the Sydney Rail System. I noted in passing one of the train arrival and departure terminals the other day that the terminal had failed with an "there was an error on boot up" message similar to those found in Windows servers."

The "chair" of ELSIC has responded.

"The funnier example was the display that showed the error message "Problem with driver" at every platform!"

I have an interview with a bank at 3 pm tomorrow. I have been told by the agency who contacted me the other day that if offered a position to ring her immediately as her client doesn't wish to lose me and that they are currently shifting computers around and that due to this nothing will happen until May 17th.
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