May 5th, 2004



One "case" (of 4 problems and 1 case) for Assignment 2 due at the University of New England on May 27th."complete" I say "complete" which means that I've prepared documents for printing. I'm not saying they are perfect. This means Assignment 2 is ready for printing and I have an overnight bag so it gets there by May 27th.

This leaves me with two Bulletin Board postings to make between now and June, and two chapters to read to complete the study side of things

.... and (ugh) an exam on June 22nd. Exams are terrible in that I'm not pen literate. I'm keyboard literate.

30% of the final mark comes from the two assignments (one already sent) with 4 problems 1 case each (times two assignments) worth 3% each problem/case (10 problems/cases in all) and 20% of marks from 5 Bulletin Board contributions worth 4% each leaving 50% for the exam. One can pass with 50% but one has to pass the exam (get 50%) to pass the subject.

The BBS for contribution 4 is open so I'll probably do that this weekend. There are 5 problems to chose from. The final set of topics won't open until June. The instructor opens channels on the date one can start posting with regards to a particular set of prescribed topics. If one posts to the wrong area it's tough bananas. If a posting is received and date stamped a day late it sits on the BBS but will get zero marks.

I didn't hear back from the agency who said a company wanted me to drop everything and start this morning (not possible) but this doesn't mean they aren't still interested as I'm told they were/are "very interested". It seems they are short of decision and ratification people who are tied up doing other things.

Another agency rang and told me a bank in the city are interested in interviewing me on Friday, which is arranged.

It's job network morning tomorrow (compulsory for Centrelink).

I thank acelightning for the commentary on the latest worm and how it may have infected a substantial portion of the New South Wales railway system. I noticed one of the indicator boards with a Windows NT boot up error message the other day so I must admit I wouldn't be at all surprised.
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