May 4th, 2004



Completed Problem 4 of 4 problems and 1 case that make up Assignment 2 due on May 27th. The "case" has lots of numbers in it so may take some time to complete.

The phone has been ringing and what was "perhaps you can make time for an interview with X" became "can you start tomorrow with X?" to which being unshaven and hoping to complete Case 2 I could only mutter something about not being available until Friday.

Within a few minutes another agency rang about my availability. I have suggested I can (probably) start Friday but the decision maker won't be available until tomorrow. If I start I prefer to start Monday which would give me plenty of time to complete Case 2, do my job network stuff and do the BBS assignment as well.

It appears things are changeable so I stick my finger in the air and test for rain.
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