April 25th, 2004


Study stuff

The next unit in my Uni studies will be "Security Analysis and Portfolio Management". I chose this as there is little an external student can chose from in the Second Semester.

I have downloaded some past examination papers to identify the nature of the study and yesterday went into town to purchase a (provisional) textbook on the subject. This will be a rigorous study at a "fundamentalist" level and will probably require that I brush up on fairly elementary principles of statistics (variance, standard deviation, covariance etc).

The fundamentalist approach is what might be called a formal approach to the subject. Most books on the Investment shelves are devoted to what the (formal) text describes as "Technical Analysis" which is concerned with drawing charts and relying on supply and demand and trend analysis - rather than theoretical basics of intrinsic worth and a formal study of the market.

Today is Sunday and it's ANZAC DAY Gallipoli and all that (identified by myself as "Pommie Folly" as it was essentially a British attack on Turkish forces at the wrong time and most certainly the wrong place).

(They chose to attack the most fortified section at Gallipoli Cove believing it was unfortified)

http://www.anzacsite.gov.au/ (I've been there in my travels)
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