April 12th, 2004


More Sappho 6th Century BC

poikilo' thron' athanat' Aphrodita
pai dios doloploka, lissomai se
me m'asaisi med' oniaisi damna
potnia thumon Collapse )

On the throne of many hues, Immortal Aphrodite,
child of Zeus, weaving wiles--I beg you
not to subdue my spirit, Queen,
with pain or sorrow Collapse )

These quotations are from the Net. I was specially interested in her reference to the god Zeus which seemingly is "pai dios doloploka" in the Greek and "child of Zeus" in the English.

This was 6,000 years before Moses was born, 6,000 years before the advent of Judaism and 6,000 years before a child was born in a manger. Sappho didn't have to beg forgiveness for her sins (if she had any).
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