April 4th, 2004


Trip to the CBD and Socialism

I went into the CBD (Sydney) today to purchase a replacement video card as the one I have is believed to be faulty (the display flips to garbage from time to time and Windows coughs and reports "recovered from device failure" after resetting the display to a raw and ugly VGA mode which I'm assuming to be a video card failure).

There was a small gathering of socialists of various kinds in a very small rally/protest meeting. Socialists don't get much say these days and in the interests of hearing "the other side of the story" I provide two URL's.

World Socialist Web Site http://www.wsws.org

Communist Party of Australia http://www.cpa.org.au

At these sites one can find alternate views to those expressed in the mainstream media. The problem with socialism is that it has noble ideas but either represses people (as the Communists did in the Soviet Union, and as they allegedly do in present day China) or that the noble beliefs don't have any practical political solutions.

I spent the afternoon on the train wondering if the natural resources of the world (such as oil and minerals and perhaps trees) should be considered a global resource rather than as trading goods of the nations (political realities) of those who are deemed to own them on the basis that the resources are located within a specific geopolitical location.
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