April 1st, 2004


Thursday 1st. April

I had a glimmer of light in the job market today with two agencies ringing - one just to discover if I am still available and the other with some specific job. The consultant for the agency with the job was sick however and couldn't take my call and nobody else knew what he had in mind.

In the course of my Thursday morning job-network 3 hour job search I submitted an application for an 8 to 12 week contract in the City and was asked immediately to attend an interview with the recruiting agency in the City which I have done. Details of referees were taken and I was given an "Advanced Excel Test" in regards to which I protested that the test program rejected simple correct answers as "incorrect". Having so many "incorrect" answers I summoned the consultant who told me I had scored 70% despite the abundance of "incorrect" answers which was deemed perfectly acceptable.

There's no guarantee of a contract role. I need a haircut for one thing but at least I'm listed with another agency.

I'm settling into my University studies and concerned that if I take paid employment I may not find enough time to devote to these studies, noting that there is a "Semester Break" between units which provides some leeway.

If Mum had lived she would have been 95 tomorrow. Happy Birthday Mum wherever and whenever you may be.
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