March 27th, 2004


Saturday 27th.

Today I voted in the council election, posted my second contribution to the markable section of the University Bulletin Board, received an answer from the course administrator with regards to "bonding costs" and applied for a "NSW Seniors Card" which will enable me to ride on the Sydney suburban network all day for $1.10.

I also consumed two glasses of beer at Werrington pub.

There was a flutter of interest in the job market on Thursday and Friday but for contract jobs in places that are hard to get to. The last was from someone in Parramatta who noted that he'd seen my references from work performed with that particular agency and also other sources and he sounded impressed.

On my birthday I rang my brother (and Trevor) in Cornwall. We entered into chat on Yahoo messenger and discussed the emoticons.

I'd like to win the LOTTERY. Then I'll be able to purchase more than two beers at Werrington pub :-)
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