March 20th, 2004


A personal philosophical viewpoint

The two prime truths

1. Matter/Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

2. Entropy - The tendency of things to "decay" or transform.


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This is mostly a personal philosophical framework and was scrawled down two days ago. I've contemplated various aspects of this and note that it can be expanded to include things such as gravity and potential energy and no doubt I could ramble on about trees and perception (as I've done in the past) and the fact that memory is a prerequisite for perception and that in some sense our universe at any "point of time" is itself a memory.

And how I hate the term "universe".

The definition of light as being a product of perception is I believe consistent with theorems such as "Schrodingers cat" where reality has different outcomes dependent on observation...

Schrodinger's cat...
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