March 15th, 2004



I started the third module of my course today.

There is one chapter per module and I managed to make my way through half the chapter and scribble a few notes in respect of assignment and Bulletin Board work.

I should digest the rest of the module tomorrow.

It appears that at least two days per week are necessary and this is a subject ("Issues in Management Accounting") that I am familiar with.

Using opportunity costs in decision making is something new. The concept of opportunity costs only arose in the past in Economics.

The study in this unit however is more towards decision making than number crunching.

I have yet to see an Accountant make a decision (as an Accountant). This has always been the prerogative of a Manager and usually a senior one and for the most part they often "screw up".

My eyesight is still wobbly. I believe it's not so much the eyes but the eyelids.

Being unemployed and studying and off the worst of "Intensive Support" is in some way welcome.

I can "manage" for the time being but a spell or a bit of magik would be welcome.. :-)
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