March 11th, 2004



The ultrasound showed no change from the last time I had it done - six months ago. The doctor informs me in all probability I'll need an operation (some time) but as nothing is happening or changing I shouldn't be worrying about it.

In any case if it is done then it would be a) free (due to the nature of the operation) b) mean 8 days in hospital and c) the chances of success (survival) are about 99%.

I asked the other doc about jury duty. He's going to send me a certificate which should rule this out, although he did comment that it might pay well and be interesting. He didn't lecture me on politics this evening.

I have a vague suggestion of a job (accounts payable in Lane Cove). Normally I don't get considered for AP positions but as I told one recruitment agency "I'm flexible. It's the market that isn't". Lane Cove may be a bit off the beaten track however, and I have to consider keeping up with my study schedule.
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