March 9th, 2004



What can I say and feel,
to tall tales of an eel ?

I could express an opinion,
although mild in flattery
that the eel alluded to here
had a very flat battery !

If eels are electric..
and use up some amps,
let them wriggle a lot
and use them in lamps !!

Bob Bain 14th. November 1993

I went into town (Sydney) today to keep an appointment with Ben from an agency. Unfortunately Ben quit the agency on Friday and I was interviewed by someone from Manchester, England. He took all my details and if nothing else I'm on another database (sigh)

Speaking of batteries I finally found some spare batteries for my (purchased when working) Motorola V525 phone. Unfortunately Motorola in Australia aren't even aware the phone is being sold in Australia despite being the *prime* phone on their Australian website ( and their agencies (who supply batteries) haven't even heard of it. The guy who sold it to me finally discovered that batteries for an older V60 and V60i phone are identical to those used in the V525.

The phone is unique in that it's the first that is GSM "Quad Band" operating on GSM850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900. This means that it will work on a GSM network in the United States (unusual) but ALSO in South America. It also has a camera which means that if I should be roaming in the Amazon jungle and am attacked by an alligator I can photograph it with the phone and send it as an instant e-mail attachment to my Australian e-mail address (subject to Network availability).

This I feel justified the cost. Besides it made me feel better.
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