March 5th, 2004



I have purchased several 48 page notebooks to scribble and contemplate the various assignments / problems and the requirement to contribute to the University Bulletin Board associated with the study I'm undertaking which is currently "Issues in Management Accounting".

Initially I thought of using Excel but it's easier to scribble the information down and make notes as they come to mind in a free-form fashion as the issues don't seem number related. They are more "what if" with a fair degree of thought required, not only in relation to what is stated but also in relation to "additional considerations" one may need to consider when making a decision and possible "aftershocks" resulting from the decisions made.

There are seemingly no "right" or "wrong" answers to many questions but decisions made have to be supported by argument.

Despite my eyesight I am into "next week" already as far as reading etc... goes.

If there are problems they will be health/time and possibly examination related. 20% of marks come from Bulletin Board Participation, 30% from assignments and 50% from the examination in June. Examinations are harder than working and solving problems in the relative leisure of one's own time.

Currently I'm having to contemplate the effects of accepting an order for gold pen clips from a company in China and the implications of the savage competition in the US health industry (the textbook is American).

I have decided that it's probably best to switch to Chinese pen clips and kill all the patients. I'm working on it (sigh).

As far as I can see there are no questions regarding the cost of invading overseas countries.
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