March 3rd, 2004


Latham would win in landslide: poll

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By Louise Dodson
Chief Political Correspondent
March 3, 2004

The federal Labor Party has won massive support from the electorate and Opposition Leader Mark Latham has a personal approval rating unmatched since Bob Hawke was opposition leader in 1983.

If an election was held now, the Coalition's 20-seat majority would be transformed into a 28-seat win for Labor, according to an ACNielsen AgePoll.

Taken last weekend, the poll is an endorsement of Mr Latham's distinctive leadership style, with its emphasis on positive policies and community consultation.

Mr Latham's approval rating was 62 per cent, compared with 28 per cent last September for then opposition leader Simon Crean.

It is the highest approval rating for an opposition leader since Bob Hawke rated 62 per cent in March 1983, just before being elected prime minister.

Mr Howard's personal approval rating fell strongly by 9 percentage points to 54 per cent, which is his lowest level since August 2001.



On a personal note I have to renogiate my "Preparing for Work" Agreement next Wednesday and it appears that it's normal to do one day a week "Intensive Assistance".
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