February 27th, 2004


Eye Eye

Rest seems to have "improved" my eyesight. I referred to a website relating to eye strain relating to computer use and it advised to a) blink more and b) seek out eye drops that contain the word "lubricant". I have purchased some eye drops that contain the words "Lubricant Eye Drops" which at $16 are expensive compared to other drops. I understand these create a coating on the eye which assists in some manner. "VISMED" in sterile capsules.

Yesterday I logged onto the University's on-line Bulletin Board to which I have to contribute but found it hard to read a single message. Today after resting things are much clearer. I have to contribute at least 5 submissions to the Bulletin Board with each contribution carrying an assessment of 4 marks (4 times 5 = 20% of the total unit mark).

I will not be assessed on original thinking but on the use of "tools" mentioned during the course. Each board will be "current" for 2 to 3 weeks. After that the opportunity to post (and gain marks) is lost.

Two postings to a later forum will not make up for not posting to an earlier forum.

All I need now is to ensure that I can read the text book (sigh).

The Semester starts Monday.
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Black is the colour insects be
( except perhaps the honeybee ).
Flies uncoloured
and never white,
bugs of black; the unseen mite,
bathing in a glow of light
lacking human vertebrae.

Buzzing noises insects make
cause the human ear to ache.
Silent insects
some opaque
flit around a stagnant lake
biting people; such a fuss
number making each superfluous.

Little creatures of this Earth
we may not find intrinsic worth,
but to each fly
of black and cold
you have undoubted value told
as in each and every Marigold.

Bob Bain 26th. April 1994