February 22nd, 2004


Yesterday Afghanistan - Today Iraq...

There was trouble on the border,
something to do with order.
The Russians were on their way.

Their machines fired shells,
that sought to root out infidels
and the state of disarray.

But in the hills lived unrest
at being put to such a test,
the Russians weren't on holiday..

So they fired back,
and gave them flack,
and the Russians went away...

There's a moral to the story,
in that wars may start and end,
but if you'd wish them end in glory
make your missions less than gory,
and towards a diplomatic end...

Bob Bain 24th. June 1994
.. in relation to the Russian invasion of Arghanistan

My "good" glasses (not so good) have lost the screw to the right lens so I can hardly see at all now.. (sigh)