February 19th, 2004


Eye Eye

Struggling with my eyeglasses I visited an optometrist today. I gave him the prescription that was supposed to form the basis of my current reading glasses and he noted "The lens for the right eye does NOT match the prescription."

He also told me that my eyesight is far from normal and that I require "middle vision" glasses as well as "reading glasses" - and that I should wear the middle vision glasses most of the time otherwise I'm placing great strain on the eyes which can only make it harder for me to read.

I told him about the eye drops I'm taking and the conjunctivitis. He speculated on things like cataracts but on doing a quick check (informal) to check if this was likely he seemed to find no indication of cataracts.

He asked about drugs. I mentioned blood pressure tablets and Valium and he noted that Valium "may have an effect on your vision."

About the middle of next week I should have a new pair of reading glasses (hopefully to a corrected prescription) and a pair of "middle vision" glasses to be worn "most of the time when not reading."

Cost $473 but probably worth it. He said that if eye irritation continues it's out of his speciality and that if this continues (it has abated) then I should refer back to the GP who should refer me to "an eye doctor". At the moment I don't believe this is necessary. The drops I'm taking seem to have eased the irritation. Hopefully the new glasses will make life easer from a reading perspective.

As for the reading glasses that I've been using/attempting to use for a year he suggested the correct course of action would be to take them back and suggest politely that they don't appear to be working (sigh).
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Letter from the Sheriff (ugh)


"You have been selected for jury duty in the district shown above for the period March 2004 to February 2005."

(There follows a list of people who cannot serve on juries and despite a small fine a decade ago I am not exempt from jury duty)

"You may expect to be summoned at some time over the period shown above."

I hope the pay's better than Newstart allowance (sigh).

And as far as I'm concerned everyone is innocent unless proven guilty !

Letter from the Sheriff (addendum)

I note from the list of persons exempt from jury duty that "deceased persons" are not elligible to serve on juries, although an exemption still has to be obtained from someone who knew the deceased. Hmmm.....
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