February 8th, 2004


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A Prayer

Oh God in whose almighty hands we little puppets play
Give me grace that I may see the path along the way
Shine a light midst all the words that plague upon my ears
To probe among my heartstrings and play upon my fears
Give me hope that I may see the things that pain and sear
Fall into appointed ways to leave me crystal clear

Those arid plains of famine, a hungry baby's cry!
Things that have no answer, tell me Lord oh why!
Those shipwrecks of disaster, not merely on the seas
Have they a special purpose ? Can they hope to please?
The pain that takes the loved ones from those who need them so
Can this be planned in heaven, as we are taught below?

And how can man born of thee, keep hate within his heart
Because petty little egos tear his soul apart
Give me please a little light, a path on which to tread
With guidance for the future and comfort for my head
For in this tiny world of ours, a speck within thy realm
We need the loving kindness of thy hand upon the helm!

Donald Bain
(read at his funeral 1998)

Mum ( Ivy Miriam Bain) will be cremated at Wilford Hill Crematorium, West Bridgford, Nottingham, on Wednesday 11th February, 2004 at 2:20pm.

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