February 1st, 2004


Mum update (Sunday evening)

"Went to see Mum yesterday, who was not looking very good. Not very responsive, and had not been according to staff. Paula (owner's wife, and the "matron" in charge) thought she would be lucky to last the weekend. Got a phone call this morning from Paula to say that Mum had deteriorated quite significantly overnight, and she thought Mum would be lucky to see today out. We're going over to see her now, and I'll update you with what's going on as soon as I know any more."

Ken (around 11:15 pm). He was on his way to the home when I called on his mobile/cellular number. Couldn't speak more than a few minutes due to the cost.

I think I'll have a shave and a shower and close my eyes and get some sleep.

Tomorrow is another day ( a sad one no doubt ).
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